Help to Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

It is widely acclaimed that hypnotherapy and hypnosis for smoking is one of the most effective ways to stop smoking.

New Scientist Magazine reported:

"Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit".
New Scientist. Volume 136, Issue 1845, page 6

Firstly let me tell you that there is no magic formula to stop you smoking, no magic wand that when waved will stop you smoking without any effort from you. You have to want to stop, truly want to stop and not just to please anyone else but because you want it for yourself. When you do, I believe it's about finding the best and most effective method for you to do so as quickly as possible so you don't lose momentum. I also believe you need to be in no doubt about how nicotine works in the brain to avoid drifting back to it some time in the future because you believe "just one won't hurt".

All smokers smoke and each have their own reasons, beliefs about what smoking does for them, times when they feel they need them most, and all smoke their own favourite brand of cigarette or tobacco. Every smoker is individual and different . . . so why would you treat them all in the same way?

As an ex-smoker myself I have developed my own system to give you the best chance to get free and stop smoking. I use Hypnotherapy and have added to this the most effective information from neuroscience and scientific studies of how habit, addiction and behaviour make us do what we do and how we can start to make changes.

What you get with my smoking cessation package.

You get two, one and a half hour sessions plus a follow up recording to listen to for as long as you need it.

The first session is about finding out your history and the problem you have with smoking. You will not be attempting to stop smoking on this first session, so there is no pressure on you, you can can relax as we talk and work together. I will give you some habit changing tasks and powerful mindfulness exercises to carry out between sessions, so you can practice making changes while you are still smoking.

Then at the end of the first session we do a light hypnosis session of post hypnotic suggestion. It's a very natural feeling, just listening to me talk while your eyes are closed, not trying to make anything happen just listening and then we're done.

Then you practice the exercises in the week or so before you come back to see me.

With the information you have given me I prepare the second session built individually just for you. This is not a one off session one size fits all therapy, it is built around you and what is right for you.

Then on the second session we work intensely with NLP techniques on your specific weak points, to reprogram your mind for the times when you might be tempted or feel you need a cigarette in the future. Then I will lead you into a longer more powerful hypnotic session, so you can choose to make your final decision to stop smoking and realise that there is a healthy future for you and how you can achieve it.

After the session I will give you my 'stopped smoking' recording to listen to for as long as you feel you need it.

If you truly want to stop smoking, then it is all within your power and hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to help you achieve it.

The cost of my package is only £250 which includes two, one and a half hour sessions and the recording, there are no other hidden costs.

If you smoke 10 cigarettes a day you spend about £1,000 a year and the maths is easy here, if you smoke 20 a day then you spend about £2,000 a year on smoking. And that's just at today's prices, every year, in every budget that price just goes up and up. So once you successfully stop smoking for 10 years you will have saved more than £20,000!

In terms of your health it's difficult to put a price on the quality and length of your life.

Smoking also ages your skin, making you look older and more lined than you really are. How would you like to look and feel healthier? To smell fresh and clean and to have up to £2,000 extra in your pocket each year?

If you are sick of smoking and are committed to give up then give me a call today, take the first step towards a new healthier lifestyle and commit to stop smoking for good.


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