When experiencing your phobia, anxiety or stress, do you get butterflies in your stomach, a flushed face, raised pulse, faster breathing, sweating hands?

Years ago we developed the 'fight or flight response', meaning that on noticing danger we either take flight, or fight it. Our blood would flow away from our brain and to our arms and legs and muscles, to best equip us to run away or fight. Although often not to our advantage any more, our bodies often still react the same way, which explains the physical feelings we get now when faced with anxiety, phobia's etc.

Sometimes problems like this could begin as a reaction to a childhood event, and can develop and increase over time. The past can influence how we confidently face the future, or it can be a thing that holds us back from being able to do what we really want. By replacing old negative feelings with new perspectives you can let go of something that is bothering you.


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